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Reading Worldwide

The web portal "Reading Worldwide" offers up-to-date information on successful projects promoting reading from all over the world.

Project description

The web portal "Reading Worldwide" offers up-to-date information on successful projects promoting reading from all over the world. These are presented as module-type ideas for joining in or imitating, and complemented by reports, research studies, and interviews with experts and multipliers acting as promoters of reading.

An exchange of experience across borders is essential and it opens new opportunities in a globalised media society as ideas for projects and synergies can be put to a worldwide use. As a first information and service portal, “Reading Worldwide“ intends to inspire a transfer of knowledge and provide support to multipliers in the field of reading promotion.

“Reading Worldwide“ offers anyone interested in reading promotion an opportunity to gain a quick overview of initiatives, projects and models in the field of reading promotion around the globe: this service is up-to-date and free of charge.

”Reading Worldwide“ is conceived as an open platform that can continually be enhanced. Our initial focus lay on institutions in Europe and the English language area. While we could not have in mind a comprehensive coverage of all activities, we would highlight practical models that can be viewed as innovative, motivating examples.

Following the completion of the first project phase (March 2008 until February 2010), the new project phase was launched in March 2010 during which the portal’s contents and functions were enhanced and supplemented.

Existing information services were interlocked with interactive Web 2.0 tools, rendering support to the professional communication processes and workflows of actors in the domain of reading promotion, advancing the participation of users in terms of a scholarly community and possibly contributing to the establishment of a platform for international networking activities. 

A thematic focus was placed on the thematic enhancement of the documentation, which had so far mainly targeted educational practice, and the country-specific information, by adding science and research related categories, including in particular a specific content area “evaluation in reading promotion”.

Further Information

Acting on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation, contact: Carolin Seelmann) and the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) jointly presented the information platform. The project partners were supported by the Goethe Institutes.

Since May 2012, Stiftung Lesen has hosted the portal which is now accessible at www.readingworldwide.com. It provides English language information on initiatives and projects  promoting reading all over the world.

All of the reports, articles and interviews as well as records compiled throughout the duration of the project (2008 until 2012)  have been archived by the German Education Server, they can still be accessed in German and English.

Project Management

Axel Kühnlenz

Project Team

Christine Schuster

Project Details

Completed projects
3/2010 – 4/2012
External funding
Department: Information Center for Education
Contact: Christine Schuster, Academic Staff
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