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School Educational Governance Structures

Since 2005, DIPF and Prof. Dr. Katharina Maag-Merki (University of Zurich) have jointly researched impacts of the introduction of centralised higher education enttry qualification exams (Abitur) in the federal states of Hesse and Bremen where such centralised exams were simultaneously introduced in 2007.

Project description

One of the most central elements of “new governance” in education can thus be analysed. So far, short-term effects were demonstrated for the change from a de-centralised to a centralised exam system. The findings  indicate a trend to (at least short-term) positive changes albeit dependent on subjects and courses. Furthermore,  only small or no effects were apparent in some areas, or in some cases non-linear developmental trends are visible. However, it remains unclear whether the identified effects are sustainable.  Based on the current state of research, findings on long-term effects are lacking and studies from the field of school development and implementation suggest inconsistencies in development.

For this reason, the current, follow-up study, funded by the German Research Foundation, offers a unique opportunity of assessing in how far the implementation of centralised higher education entry qualification exams might support quality in the education systems across a longer period of time (five years). Respective research is conducted in 37 schools in Bremen and Hesse taking different assessment procedures into account (e.g. achievement test, standardised questionnaires  for students, teachers) as well as complex evaluation methods (multivariate procedures in a multi-level system; HLM, Mplus). Results will be fed back to the participating schools and ministries.


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Prof. Dr. Eckhard Klieme

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