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Schools in Germany – A Historical Overview From the Beginnings Until Today

This monograph on the history of school in Germany presents the first investigation of the functions and effects of school concerning socialisation, legitimation, qualification and selection in the general context of history.

Project description

The complex situation educational policy is nowadays confronted with and policy-making itself, are rooted in history. It seems worthwhile to trace the different development processes and to present recent findings from research in educational history.

This publication includes pictures, some of which are printed for the first time; it focuses on the history of socialising, legitimising, qualification and selection functions and school effects. The volume covers social school-related areas of historical importance: that is economy, ideologies, the military, family life, demography, and other issues. With regard to the immediate dimension of institutional history, a focus lies on the areas of school legislation and school administration, including instructional practice in individual subjects, school educational objectives and lesson contents. Further topics include the school structures and the standardisation of school types in general and vocational education and training, the development of early childhood education and care institutions as well as social education and teacher training. School building and school equipment is also taken into account. The immediate school policy dimension refers to the activities of the national government and of the individual federal states, the Church, political parties and associations with a focus on teachers. The publication refers to the international development of schools too. While the observations include references to the system of higher education, they are not part of the primeval focus.

This volume of approximately 800 pages combines historical sources with research findings. The vast amount of pertinent facts is addressed by linguistic metaphors, illustrating examples, annotated illustrations, but most of all by bibliographic references. The (most) recent monographs are given preference here, as readers can use these to access information regarding the state of research and its history for the topical areas and facts that are addressed in the volume.

This book particularly addresses students but also any other person with an interest in crucial aspects of school history in Germany.

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