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Social Bookmarking and Open Educational Resources for Teachers (Edutags II)

Further development of Edutags, social bookmarking service for teachers, particularly considering Open Educational Resources.

edutags-LogoProject description

Optimising user experience – User-based tagging leads to a folksonomy (total corpus of collected tags) which will be compared to a hierarchical taxonomy such as the systematic DBS catalogue so that terminological variances contained in the folksonomy can be recognized by the system and thus be considered in the search queries.

Community building – To support an active use (collection and tagging of resources), potential target groups such as students in initial and preparatory teacher training will be immediately targeted.

Open Educational Resources (OER) – In rendering materials for instructional purposes openly available, Open Access licensing, e.g. Creative-Commons licences, clarifies the conditions on which teachers may use the respective resources. Edutags has developed a so-called CC crawler to facilitate retrieval of such materials: Each newly entered resource is tested for existing machine-readable CC licencing. Subject to the current project phase, Edutags shall become the central reference system for OER (CC) materials.

Integration into related information systems – We furthermore aim towards a closer linkage of Edutags with the other DBS services. Edutags functionalities will be made available as clipboard records to DBS and to state (Länder) education servers. A suitable workflow can assist the transfer of contents from Edutags into the ELIXIER database. Hence, contents that have previously been filtered by a professional community can enrich relevant thematic fields.

Furthermore, chances and options for the internationalisation of Edutags will be tested and a workflow for editing will be prepared.

The work is to be continued in a follow-up project.


University of Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Educational Science, Chair for media education and knowledge management (Prof. Dr. Michael Kerres)

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Axel Kühnlenz

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02/2013 – 01/2015
Department: Information Center for Education
Contact: Ingo Blees, Academic staff
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