CEDIFOR – Centre for Digital Research in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Educational Science – CEDIFOR

As a contact point for eHumanities, CEDIFOR aims to support research in the humanities and social sciences with qualitative orientation. In this context, DIPF specifically addresses transdisciplinary and national educational research.

Project Description

The Centre for Digital Research in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Educational Science aims to provide methodological expertise for initiating and supporting research in the humanities and social sciences with qualitative orientation in the Rhine-Main area, including a transdisciplinary educational scientific perspective. The sustainable storage of research data is intended. Pilot projects from eHumanities will be supervised in their conceptualisation and preparation of relevant research tasks, necessary technological support will be assured, and CEDIFOR will also provide an infrastructure and thus store project data and research findings

We intend CEDIFOR to become a widely acknowledged address for eHumanities. Based on profound competencies and a comprehensive toolkit, customised solutions will be compiled for research questions in the humanities. CEDIFOR will also support research practice implementations.

During the project funding phase, the CEDIFOR innovation strategy will be immediately demonstrated at DIPF regarding support for two educational research projects. As a key provider of research and information infrastructures in education, DIPF pursues a transdisciplinary and also national support for educational research within the joint eHumanities project.


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (Support for research and development projects in the field of eHumanities).


Project Management

Project Team

Dr. Cornelia-Flavia Veja

Project Details

Completed Projects
Department: Information Centre for Education
12/2014 – 12/2019
External funding