Complete Edition of Adolf Reichwein's Pedagogical Texts

In the project a five-volume edition of Reichwein’s complete pedagogical texts was compiled and published.

Project Description

Adolf Reichwein (1898–1944), pedagogue, expert in world economics, cultural historian and cultural politician, was a promising young researcher in all of these four disciplines who in the Weimar Republic was deemed to make a career owing to a reformist attitude and pedagogical enthusiasm. To name just the most important positions in the course of his professional career: he was head of an adult learning centre (Volkshochschule), head of the press office and personal press officer of the Prussian Minister of Science, the Arts and Popular Education and Professor at the Pedagogical Academy in Halle, the latter being marked by his comprehensive publishing activities. After National Socialists had come into power, he was posted to Tiefensee near Berlin to work as a village teacher. This did not stop him in his commitment to pedagogical work with and for people, neither did his appointment in 1939 to Director of the Department for Schools and Museums at the State Museum for German Ethnic Culture, (Volkskunde, now known as Museum Europäischer Kulturen – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin). On the contrary: his engagement in resistance to National Socialist power cost him his life. He was a member of the resistance group Kreisauer Kreis and sentenced to death and executed in 1944 in Berlin-Plötzensee.

The project aimed to compile and print a commented edition of the pedagogical texts of Adolf Reichwein in five volumes.

In 2015 the last of the five volumes of the edition was published.

Co-operation Partners

The edition was compiled in co-operation with the Adolf-Reichwein-Verein e.V. (Adolf-Reichwein-Association)


  • Ullrich Amlung
  • Karl Christian Lingelbach


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and DIPF.

Project Management

Dr. Stefan Cramme

Project Team

Dr. Bettina Reimers

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