DATAFIED – DATA For and In Education: The Construction of Schooling in a Datafied Society

The project consortium focusses on data processes in school from four different perspectives: school inspectorate, school management, learning software and teaching.

Project Description

Digitising correlates with comprehensive datafication of the school system, according to which data are collected across processes. At the same time, these data influence decision-making and opinion-shaping processes of education policy, school governance, school authorities, school principals, teachers, students and their parents as well as the public at large. The genesis, interpretation and use of the data are not neutral. Rather, ideas of “good education” respectively “good school” and “good instruction“ are inscribed in the data. The increase in datafication has also invoked changes IN THE ROLES of teachers, students and other actors in the education system and their interrelationships. The cooperation project is aimed at describing the processes of change from four different but interwoven perspectives and analysing them at four INTERFACES in the school system – based on empirical studies run by the project. (1) School governance and school (Hartong, HSU); (2) school information systems and school management (Jarke/Breiter, ifib); (3) educational software and instruction (Macgilchrist, GEI) as well as (4) teachers and students in lessons (Jornitz, DIPF).

Project Objectives

A description of the significant role played by data is projected to gain insights into the changed role and the conception of the profession. Furthermore, an impetus will be generated that can support future decisions in relation to data practices in the education system.



Selected Publications

  • Jornitz, S. (2015). Informationstechnologien und ihre Wirkungen auf die Schule in Deutschland. In A. Gruschka, L. A. Nabuco Lastoria (Hrsg:), Zur Lage der Bildung. Kritische Diagnosen aus Deutschland und Brasilien. (S. 147-162). Opladen: Budrich.
  • Jornitz, Sieglinde / Leser, Christoph: Mit Antolin punkten oder: Wie sich mit dem Leseförderprogramm der Bock zum Gärtner macht. In: Pädagogische Korrespondenz, Heft 57, S. 55-73.

Project Management

Dr. Sieglinde Jornitz

Project Details

Completed Projects
Department: Information Centre for Education
01/2019 - 05/2022
External funding
Contact: Dr. Sieglinde Jornitz, Academic Staff