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Development and Changing Dynamics of a Heterogeneous Social Science Field Using the Example of Educational Research

The co-operation project aims to strengthen the scientific analytical basis for the interdisciplinary field of educational research by networking data sources. Involved partners are: GESIS - Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences, Leibniz- Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID), Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance Qualitätssicherung (iFQ).

Project description

The project aims to strengthen the scientific analytical basis for the interdisciplinary field of educational research by networking data sources. Hence, the science output is taken into perspective and a set of indicators is to be defined for assessing and describing trends in this field. 

The following will be pursued in the envisaged dimensions:

  • development of research contents and educational research methods;
  • changes in publication behaviour (internationalisation, networking, goal-orientation);
  • changes in reception.

The product-oriented developmental part of the project deals with a catalogue of requirements for a set of analytical instruments that are apt for gaining data from scholarly databases, combining them in a user-oriented way and assessing them. We intend to develop a design that can be applied to comparable thematic fields.

Different databases are available for the assessment of output data in educational research. Educational research projects are registered in the GESIS database, SOFIS. Scholarly publications are usually recorded in the German Education Index (DIPF). However, relevant educational research publications are also grounded in related disciplines, e.g. psychology or social science, thus the scholarly databases PSYNDEX (ZPID) and SOLIS (GESIS) also need to be taken into account. Monitoring of trans-disciplinary research domains thus entails the problem of aligning contents that are indexed in different databases for the specific disciplines, according to different indexing standards; this implies dealing with heterogeneity.


Following a systematisation of the subject domain, an identification of different discipline-related educational research perspectives and different indexing practices applied in the respective databases, indicators will be determined that are appropriate for monitoring the scientific outcome. A metadata schema for publication and project databases, cleared from heterogeneity, will be developed, providing the basis for setting up a database recording research projects and a database of project-related publications. Accordingly, disciplinary analyses of educational research and analyses of publication and reception behaviours will be conducted. Once a set of indicators has been firmly established, a requirement profile will be generated for web services serving a networked assessment of data on the dynamics of development in educational research.

The project is funded within the framework of the pact for innovation and research 2011 (Leibniz Association).


General management of the project (DIPF): Alexander Botte
Project co-ordination (DIPF): Ute Sondergeld
Project management GESIS: Peter Mutschke, Dr. Philipp Mayr
Scientific staff member GESIS: Dr. Andreas Oskar Kempf; Karima Haddou-ou-Moussa
Project management ZPID: Dr. Gabriel Schui, Jürgen Wiesenhütter
Scientific staff member ZPID: Dipl.-Psych. Katja Singleton, Dipl.-Psych. Veronika Kuhberg
Project management iFQ: Dr. Sybille Hinze
Scientific staff member iFQ: Valeria Aman, Marion Schmidt

Project management

Alexander Botte

Project Details

Completed projects
05/2011 – 07/2014
External funding
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