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Digitisation and Indexing of Portrait Photographs From the Archives of the Leibniz Association (DigiPortA)

Digitisation and Indexing of Portrait Photographs From the Archives of the Leibniz Association (DigiPortA)

In the Framework of DigiPortA (Digitisation and indexing of portrait photographs from the archives of the Leibniz Association) about 300 photographed portraits from literary assets in the Archive of the Research Library for the History of Education (BBF) will be digitised and made available for research purposes in a database freely accessible via the Internet.

Project Description

The indexing project DigiPortA is a collaborative project undertaken by nine archives of the Leibniz Association. A total number of 33,000 portraits of personalities – mostly dating from the 19th and 20th century - from science, art and technology will be made available to science and the general public under the auspices of the German Museum (Munich).

DigiPortA provides a framework for digitising and indexing the portraits, to render them accessible in a database on the internet. By documenting the origins of the individual portraits and describing the superordinate collections, comprehensive and in many cases unknown collections are tapped and documented for historical biographical research.

Numerous photographed portraits from private and professional contexts can be found in the literary assets left to the BBF archive. So far, only a very small proportion of the portraits have been digitised and only few of them can be found in the archive database or by other finding aids. A further part of the portraits has not even yet been indexed and they are thus hard to find. The BBF archive will initially process ca. 300 portraits.



Overall project management:

Dr. Wilhelm Füßl (German Museum, Munich)


The project is funded within the framework of the "Pact for Research and Innovation", formally (Leibniz Senate Committee Competition, SAW).

Project management

Dr. Bettina Reimers

Project team

Gwendolin Schneider

Project Details

Completed projects
05/2012 – 03/2016
External funding
Department: Research Library for the History of Education
Contact: Dr. Bettina Reimers, Head/management
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