E-learning and formative assessment

In this project the differential effectiveness of formative assessment on the described learning process in the integrated learning and action model shall be measured in a longitudinal study.

Project description

(1) In co-operation with the Institute of Applied Educational Research in Leipzig a pilot study is conducted (n=800). Therefore, students of different institutions are asked to capture typical motivational patterns of self-regulated learning.

(2) In preparation for the assessment, a universal software for the assessment and feedback of motivational learning processes is developed (motivatoring).


Within the scope of this project a theoretically derived learning and action model is validated and used at the same time to gain insight into the processes of self-regulatory learning and the support of these processes through formative assessment.


At the end of 2014 an assessment with students of the second semester is conducted at universities with a preliminary assessment as well as a follow up study: The preliminary assessment at the first measuring point is complemented with a cross-sectional study with n=1.000 students to identify learning types with a high statistical accuracy. In the main assessment students go through a computer based learning section with the topic ‘statistics’ within a net time period of 15 clock hours. In the follow-up assessment the learning progress is obtained and complemented by qualitative interviews.


SEED- grant European Social Fund


Ana Remesal, Universität Barcelona

Project team

  • Oliver Schneider
  • Tony Eckelmann(IFAB)
  • Matthias Redler

Project Details

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Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
10/2012 – 11/2014
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