edu_consort_oa – Project Network Open Access Consortium Education for E-books and Journals

The project network promotes an Open Access culture in educational science and addresses funding in particular. It comprises three projects: crowdfunding for monographs and collections, crowdfunding for journals, and knowledge transfer.

Project Description

To promote an Open Access culture in education, the network “Open Access Consortium Education for e-books and journals” (edu_consort_oa) focuses on funding of publications. The project consists of three parts: crowdfunding for monographs and collections, crowdfunding for journals, and a project focusing on knowledge transfer. 

Crowdfunding for monographs and collections as well as doctoral theses addresses roughly 20 titles from education science, educational research and subject didactics. The titles are selected by a committee of experts adhering to a set of pre-defined formal and scientific criteria. In a crowdfunding process, libraries and information centres can participate in funding these packages. Each publishing house can submit a maximum number of 5 titles per funding application. In the case of crowdfunding for journals, titles are also selected by a group of experts. To assure sustainability for both processes the crowdfunding processes are accompanied by endeavours at building a consortium and establishing knowledge transfer. 

Project Objectives

The project targets an establishment of crowdfunding for e-books, crowdfunding for journals and a consortium for sustained funding. 

Project Management

Dr. Christoph Schindler

Project Team

Patricia Kern

Project Details

Current project
Area of Focus Open Science
Department: Information Centre for Education
Education Sector: Science
09/2023 - 08/2026
External funding
Contact: Patricia Kern, Information Manager