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German Education Portal

The German Education Portal is the central access point to professional educational information (in Germany). Its services mainly address professionals in educational research and practice, and those interested in educational science.

Project description

Within its framework programme for funding the establishment of virtual scholarly libraries, the German Research Association (DFG) funded the setup and further development of the German Education Portal subject to "setting up a virtual library for the field of pedagogy".

The portal has been online since August 2005. It aims to provide educational scientists and researchers with a central access point to relevant information and full texts, assuring optimal support  regarding their research and teaching activities. The service focuses on relevant databases of references and comprehensive collections of information regarding diverse aspects of educational science. Right from the start, the German Education Index was at the heart of the information service; the German Education Index has been continually developed by a responsible consortium since 1994.

The project was supported by the German Association for Educational Science, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (DGfE) and the Society for Subject Didactics, Gesellschaft für Fachdidaktik e.V. Both groups have appointed representatives for the scientific board that monitors the activities of the German Education Portal.

The project was actively engaged in developments in the field of vascoda, a joint science portal funded by the DFG, and the Virtual   libraries funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Following the termination of the project phase, the portal was further developed in terms of setting up pedocs - a scholarly publication and document server for Open Access publications, as well as intensifying cooperation with the German Education Server to enrich the edited web catalogue for educational research, setting up a platform for access to primary data and materials in the field of educational research (research data centre, FDZ Bildung), and recently integrating the newly established scholarly information service for educational science and educational research.

Project Details

Completed projects
2/2004 – 1/2008
External funding
Contact: Dr. Doris Bambey, Head/management
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