Fostering User Orientation by Web Monitoring and Research

User orientation of information and research infrastructures at the Information Centre for Education (IZB) is fundamental for the quality assurance and development of services. A systematic monitoring and innovative research are provided to fulfil such a claim.

Project Description

The Information Centre for Education runs comprehensive information and research infrastructures like the German Education Server and the German Education Portal. The user orientation of these services is genuinely at heart of the Information Centre (IZB). Different instruments and methods are applied. Web analyses and usability studies are focal in this regard as well as user research.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Delivering Services to Users

SEO measures serve an improved ranking of IZB offers and their content in search engine outputs. Users can thus find the offers of education portals more easily. Since 2018, an external SEO advice agency has compiled regular reports that are taken as a basis for optimisation.

Research: User Groups and their Needs

Innovative research projects scrutinise user groups and their needs. Users are involved in the development of services, e.g. by means of cooperative design.

Tracking of Websites: Tracking Information about Users

Based on web site tracking and data analysis according to specific metrics, anonymised, user centred reports are compiled to offer multidimensional analyses about user behaviour – which are fundamental to optimising the portals and accompanying Social Media channels.

Exchange: Improving Services via User Feedback  

A further development of infrastructures is coordinated with user groups. Online surveys, exchange with communities of users and stakeholders in board meetings and other formats are central here – see also World Cafés. Insights will fuel the (re)development of services.

Project objectives

Web monitoring and user research are crucial instruments for a continual optimisation of online services offered at IZB according to user orientation principles. We aim at a broader and more intensified usage of IZB services.

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Marc Rittberger

Project Team

Project Details

Current project
Area of Focus Transfer and Transfer Research
Department: Information Centre for Education
Education Sectors: Extracurricular Learning, Early Childhood Education, Higher Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Further Education, Science
04/2019 – 03/2025
Contact: Dr. Sigrid Fahrer, Coordinator