OERinfo – community platform for Open Educational Resources

OERinfo is a project that provides infrastructures for spreading Open Educational Resources (OER), in many information and communication formats. OER offers services for building competences to strengthen and expand the OER community.

Project Description

Overall, the project "Informationsstelle Open Educational Resources" aims to enforce and expand the OER community. The goal is pursued by three measures.

  1. Provision of infrastructures for spreading and holding available Open Educational Resources
  2. Community building with suitable transfer activities to build competencies
  3. Increase of visibility of the topic with diverse information and communication formats

This way, knowledge of Open Educational Resources will increase in society as will the readiness to implement OER in teaching and learning scenarios. The usage of OER aims at opening up teaching and learning scenarios and thus dealing with the challenges digitising causes in education. Transfer processes that are tested and evaluated within the project as well as community building strategies will be made available as "best practices". They will be publicised at relevant events as well as in diverse publishing formats. We will publish any emerging materials and resources and ICT architectures as Open Content with free licences thus enabling use according to the five freedoms of saving, copying, using, processing, mixing, and spreading.

Project Objectives

The OER community will experience improved infrastructures, active community building and increased visibility of the Open Educational Resources for the purpose of strengthening and expansion.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Project Management

Prof. Dr. Marc Rittberger

Project Team

Project Details

Current project
Areas of focus
Department: Information Centre for Education
Unit: German Education Server (Eduserver)
Education Sectors: Extracurricular Learning, Early Childhood Education, Higher Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Further Education
03/2023 - 02/2028
External funding
Contact: Susanne Grimm, Academic Staff