ögütPRO – Professional Support for Parents with a Turkish Migration Background Regarding their Children’s Transition to Secondary School

The aim of the project ögütPRO (Turkish ögüt = advice) was to train primary teachers to support Turkish-origin parents when their children face the transition from primary to secondary school. This preliminary study assessed parents’ knowledge of the German educational system. Furthermore, primary teachers’ knowledge about Turkish-origin parents’ educational situation were investigated.

Project Description

The project ögütPRO (Turkish ögüt = advice) focused on primary teachers’ support of parents with Turkish migration background. Primary teachers consult with parents on the transition to secondary school. This transition period is discussed as a contributing factor to social inequalities in Germany. The transition requires a parental decision on the type of school they want to choose for their children. This decision depends on the parents’ knowledge about the German educational system which is considered to be rather low on average in many Turkish families. In addition to the parents, teachers form recommendations regarding the school type which may be influenced by the parents’ preferences and, furthermore, by their stereotypes towards Turkish people. In order to reduce social inequalities at the transition from primary to secondary school, professional support by primary teachers seems to be especially important for Turkish-origin parents. Therefore, this preliminary study assessed teachers’ knowledge about Turkish-origin parents’ educational situation and Turkish-origin parents’ knowledge about the German educational system. Additionally, an implicit measure to examine teachers’ stereotypes regarding Turkish-origin parents’ education was validated. In the long run, knowledge should be applied to train teachers’ in their professional competence to support Turkish-origin parents regarding their children’s transition to secondary schools.


IDeA Center


Hannah Kleen, School of Education, University of Wuppertal


Hartmann, U., Hasselhorn, M., & Gold, A. (Hrsg.), (2017). Entwicklungsverläufe verstehen – Bildungsrisiken erkennen – Kinder wirksam fördern. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer.

Kleen, H., & Glock, S. (2018). A further look into ethnicity: The impact of stereotypical expectations on teachers’ judgments of female ethnic minority students. Social Psychology of Education, 21, 759–773. doi:10.1007/s11218-018-9451-0

Project Management

Dr. Ulrike Hartmann

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Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
07/2020 – 12/2021
Contact: Dr. Ulrike Hartmann, Head of Unit