Research data in video-based instructional research

The doctoral study "Research data in video-based instructional research: user-centered modelling and evaluation of a domain-specific ontology" targeted the development of the light-weight domain-specific ontology “Educational Research Data in Video Studies” (ERDIV) for the knowledge representation of research data and research contexts in video-based research on instruction.

Project description

In this field of empirical educational research, data sharing has increasingly gained significance owing to the elaborate processes of data assessment. At the same time, it is equally important to consider aspects of data protection given the highly sensitive research data. Therefore, this information scientific research project faced the challenge of empirically investigating processes, problematic issues and potentials of data sharing in video-based instructional research, as well as developing a domain-specific knowledge model for research data infrastructures and virtual research environments. A mixed-method research design was used in this doctoral study, to evaluate a user-centered, content-related and wiki-based ontology (expert interviews, controlled experiment). It was thus possible to demonstrate the particular relevance of consideration of socio-cognitive aspects regarding data sharing in epistemologically and methodologically heterogeneous fields of research, to assure the potential of research data within a given domain.


The project received funding from the institutional budget.

Project Details

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Department: Information Centre for Education
02/2010 – 02/2015