School Development and Teachers’ Work

SEL is a DIPF project in the field of evaluating educational institutions (schools, state school departments and teacher training seminars) and of assessing their development processes.

Project description

Since 1998, so-called workplace assessments have been carried out at numerous schools in the state of Hesse and in other federal states. The approach is further developed into multi-perspective "pedagogical development accounts", which have also been used in systematic evaluations of state school departments and teacher training courses since 2004. These evaluations of pedagogical development accounts with teacher training seminars will be repeated in Hesse by 2010 (PEB-Sem).

The PEB-Sem project intends to support the institutional process of reflection in teacher training courses and to deliver comparative analyses of the first and second rounds of assessment. The primeval interest lies in the quality of organisation in the teacher training seminars, the assessment and outcomes of the training, the professional self-concept, co-operation of different actors and the ability to work in autonomous schools. The evaluations are conducted by questionnaire.


Amt für Lehrerbildung Hessen [state office for teacher training, Hessen] and DIPF


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Department: Teacher and Teaching Quality
9/2004 – 5/2010
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