Standardisation of the Working Memory Test Battery

Development and norming of a computer-based working memory test battery

Project Description

Based on Baddeley’s (1996) model of working memory, which in addition to a central executive postulates a phonological loop and a visuo-spatial sketchpad as subsystems, a computer-based Working Memory Test Battery (AGTB) was developed for the purpose of reliably measuring all subsystems of the working memory in children aged 5 to 12. Apart from developing and testing the individual subtests, validation and reliability studies of the test battery were central to the research being conducted. The test battery was realised in the context of a computer programme for data collection and standardised using a sample of approximately 1.600 children.


Hasselhorn, M., Schumann-Hengsteler,, R., Gronauer, J., Grube, D., Mähler, C., Schmid, I., Seitz-Stein, K. & Zoelch, C. (2012). Arbeitsgedächtnistestbatterie für Kinder von 5 bis 12 Jahren (AGTB 5-12). Göttingen: Hogrefe.



  • Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grube (University Oldenburg)
  • Prof. Dr. Claudia Mähler (University Hildesheim)
  • Inga Schmid (Georg-August-University Göttingen)
  • Research team of Prof. Dr. Ruth Schumann-Hengsteler (Catholic University Eichstätt)

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn

Project Details

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Department: Education and Human Development
2008 – 2016
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Contact: Prof. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn, Director