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ZeitgeschichteN (Contemporary Histories)

Historical book series with monographic portrayals of contemporary history

Project description

In this historical book series, established by Sonja Häder and Ulrich Wiegmann in 2003, monographic portrayals of contemporary history are published. Based on historical cases or events the historical texts clarify the topically current and recent past by going beyond the "large" structures, highlighting ambiguities, conflicts, motives of actors and facets of milieus.

An historical "case" is always the starting point, while the "small" event serves as prism to understanding a complex historical reality. To date eight  books have been published in this series in paperback format. The series is published by Metropol Verlag Berlin.

Project management

Ulrich Wiegmann

Project details

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since 2003
Department: Research Library for the History of Education
Contact: Ulrich Wiegmann
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