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Fish swimming into the ocean: How tracking relates to students’ self-beliefs and school disengagement at the end of schooling

The study that is presented in this article has examined how students of low- and intermediate-track schools as well as comprehensive schools in Berlin, Germany estimate their own skills and chances for their future before they finish their schooling and enter vocational training.

Cover Fish swimming Results showed that self-assessment depended less on the performance levels of classmates or the school type, but rather on the track level that was achieved. Even with equal achievements, students who received the low school leaving certificate considered their skills and chances rather low, compared to students who received an intermediate school leaving certificate.

Dumont, H., Protsch, P., Jansen, M., & Becker, M. (2017). Journal of Educational Psychology, 109(6), 855–870

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last modified Sep 27, 2018
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