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Overidentification of Learning Disorders Among Language-minority Students

Study on the validity of diagnosed learning disorders of children with German as a second language

This German prevalence study examined disproportionate representation of language-minority students among children identified with learning disorder (LD). Most German school achievement tests used in LD diagnostics do not provide separate norms for language-minority students, and thus do not take these children’s second language status into account when evaluating their academic performance. With regard to test fairness, however, it should be noted that weak literacy performance can be the result of incomplete second language acquisition and does not necessarily point to a clinically relevant learning disorder.

Brandenburg, J., Fischbach, A., Labuhn, A. S., Rietz, C. S., Schmid, J. & Hasselhorn, M. (2016). Journal of Educational Research Online. 8/1,42-65.

last modified May 09, 2017