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Botte, Alexander:

Challenges of educational reform in Germany and the potential role of Information Literacy

Frankfurt a.M. : Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung (2012)

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5. Arbeits- und Diskussionspapiere; Arbeits- und Diskussionspapier (keine besondere Kategorie)

Bibliothek, Curriculum, Deutschland, Informations- und Dokumentationsstelle, Informationskompetenz, Medienerziehung, Medienkompetenz, Schulbildung, Strategie, Unterricht

This paper will look at the concept of Information Literacy (IL) in the light of some major objectives of current educational reform in Germany. Germany was "shocked" by relatively poor results in the first PISA assessments, which attested Germany a more or less unexpected mediocre achievement in PISA rankings. In consequence, there was a loud and widespread call for educational reforms. Some major aspects of the ensuing debate created a supportive environment for IL principles and opened the door to a public discussion on the relevance of IL in education. This contribution will show the interlinks between educational challenges and IL settings, give a short state of the art of IL in Germany, explain drawbacks of an overarching establishment of IL in education, and propose some basic strategic decisions in order to foster IL in educational settings.

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