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Reh, Sabine:

Looking at practices - Can we discover something new by looking at practices?
Practice theory and the history of education

In: Encounters in Theory and History of Education, 15 (2014) , 183-207

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Beispiel, Beobachtung, Bildungsforschung, Bildungsgeschichte, Deutschunterricht, Forschung, Forschungsprojekt, Historiografie, Praxis, Theorie

In dealing with the material side of educational institutions, and cultures of education and learning, research on the history of education offers new perspectives and research questions. Familiar sources are thus read anew or re-interpreted; new sources are tapped and even familiar categories and forms of thought are subjected to historical interrogation . A practice-theoretical perspective is concerned with linking the reconstruction and analysis of the development and evolution of ""pedagogical practices"" and technologies. This includes their material conditions, as well as trans-formations of knowledge about growing up in a society, transformations of ""pedagogical"" types of thought and patterns of reflection, and the emergence of relevant institutions and organiza-tions. In this context, no aspect is regarded as a linear consequence of another, neither are they treated as independent from each other. Yet the question remains open: What exactly does prac-tice-theoretically oriented or practice-based research on the history of education actually do? And how can a perspective on practices reveal something new in the history of education?

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