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Jornitz, Sieglinde:

Between stimulating and overwhelming
Reflections on the usage of videos for teacher training in Tanzania

In: Studia Edukacyjne, 38 (2016) , 347-363


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3b. Beiträge in weiteren Zeitschriften; wissenschaftsorientiert

Bildungsexpansion, Bildungssystem, Englischunterricht, Lehrer, Lehrerfortbildung, Lehrerrolle, Lernbedingungen, Qualifizierung, Schülerorientierter Unterricht, Sekundarbereich, Tansania, Unterricht, Unterrichtsbeobachtung, Unterrichtsmethode, Videoaufzeichnung, Wirkung

The article reflects on a pilot teacher training programme in Tanzania, where videos are used for implementing new teaching methods, but also for initiating a discourse about corporal punishment. The culture of instruction in Tanzania is strictly based on a teacher-centred approach which leaves all activity to the teacher and turns students into passive listeners. In most cases, teachers deal with up to 80 students in one classroom. Therefore, discipline is an important matter of instruction and many teachers still use corporal punishment that is widely accepted in Tanzania. The launched training programme has the aim of implementing learner-centred teaching methods without using corporal punishment and offers Tanzanian teachers the possibility to participate in a workshop that connects these methods with subject-related topics. In the English teaching workshop, the facilitator used filmed English lessons from a German school to discuss with the participants both the application of learner-centred methods and the absence of corporal punishment. The use of these German videos shows advantages but also limitations that are strongly related to the European versus African setting. The article discusses these dimensions on the basis of data that are generated by ethnographical observation and audiotranscripts of the piloted workshop. (DIPF/Orig.)

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