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Vogler, Elisabeth; Schindler, Christoph; Rittberger, Marc:

Facing the heterogeneity of publication practices in transdisciplinary research fields
Altmetrical coverage in educational research

Bukarest : Altmetrics.org (2016)

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5. Arbeits- und Diskussionspapiere; Arbeits- und Diskussionspapier (keine besondere Kategorie)

Bildungsforschung, Veröffentlichung, Heterogenität, Interdisziplinarität, Bibliometrie, Forscher, Zeitschrift, Datenbank, Messverfahren, Internet, World wide web 2.0

In this paper, challenges of altmetrics regarding coverage of transdisciplinary research fields with heterogeneous publication practices are focused. Instead of following singular publications or singular serial publication sources, the coverage of a transdisciplinary research field is analyzed in detail. Educational research is chosen as a case study, which is characterized as problem-oriented, disciplinarily heterogeneous (e.g. psychology, social and political sciences, economics, computational sciences) with a strong alignment to educational practices. In information and bibliometric studies, the heterogeneity of publication cultures and practices in social science and humanities (SSH) has already been addressed in general (Fry, Talja 2004; Nederhof 2006) and in particular in the transdisciplinary field of Educational Research (Dees 2008), where authors publish alongside in journals mainly in monographs and compilations. Thus, these research communities are misrepresented in citation and reference databases like Web of Science (WOS) and Scopus that are used as a base of comparison for altmetrics. Nevertheless, based on these restrictions, Mendeley readers data (39%) are found for WOS articles of "Educational Research" (Mohammadi, Thelwall 2014), and publications from an Educational Research institute (Leibniz Association) got around 30% of altmetrical data (Peters et al. 2014). Because of the transdisciplinary character of Educational Research and its heterogeneous disciplinary publication cultures and practices, this study explores the specifics of the field in Germany and its coverage by altmetrical data. For a comprehensive view of the field of "Educational Research", three different levels of altmetrical data coverages are addressed: 1) the individual coverage level of eight leading researchers, 2) the field coverage level of Educational Research and 3) the journal coverage level of major Educational Research journals.(DIPF/Orig.)

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