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Birgitte, Nielsen; Andersen, Réol; Laursen Hilmar, Dyrborg; Kozina, Ana; Perše Tina, Vršnik; Sälzer, Christine; Aleš, Ojsteršek; Lana, Jurko; Oskarsson, Magnus; Roczen, Nina; Marusic, Iris:

Hand in hand
SEI programmes for school staff; A review catalogue

Ljubljana : Pedagoški Inštitut / Educational Research Institute (2018)

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5. Arbeits- und Diskussionspapiere; Arbeits- und Diskussionspapier (keine besondere Kategorie)

Dänemark, Deutschland, Emotionale Kompetenz, Evidenz, Forschung, Interkulturelle Kompetenz, Katalog, Kroatien, Lehrerkollegium, Programm, Projekt, Qualifizierung, Schweden, Slovenien, Soziale Kompetenz

The HAND in HAND: Social and Emotional Skills for Tolerant and Non-Discriminative Societies project will develop an open-access systemic policy tool - an EU-based universal social, emotional and intercultural (SEI) learning programme (a programme for students and school staff) based on multiculturalism and diversity awareness that fosters inclusion and develops more tolerant and non-discriminative learning environments for all students (including immigrant and refugee students) to prevent discriminative bullying, segregation and early school leaving. [...] The project aims to change the role of SEI competencies in educational setting in the consortium countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark) and wider. [...] The catalogue presents a collection of evidence-based SEI programmes for school staff. Through researching the background and the practices that have already been used in the consortium countries and worldwide, it was explored what already exists, what works and what can be learnt from previously developed SEI programmes when planning our own programme, with a view to advancing policy, practice and research. Therefore, a catalogue of existing SEI programmes was developed, i.e. a catalogue aimed at developing school staff's SEI competencies, based on a systematic review of the literature and the existing good practices from national (consortium) contexts. The catalogue is divided into the following two sections: - International catalogue: an international catalogue of the programmes aiming to improve the school staff's SEI competencies is presented first, followed by - national catalogues of the countries participating in the project (Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden). [...] (DIPF/Orig.)

Educational Quality and Evaluation