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Arens, A. Katrin; Schmidt, Isabelle; Preckel, Franzis:

Longitudinal relations among self-concept, intrinsic value, and attainment value across secondary school years in three academic domains

In: Journal of Educational Psychology, 111 (2019) 4 , 663-684

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3a. Beiträge in begutachteten Zeitschriften; Aufsatz (keine besondere Kategorie)

Deutschland, Selbstkonzept, Motivation, Wert, Lernerfolg, Mathematikunterricht, Englischunterricht, Deutschunterricht, Sekundarstufe I, Schüler, Schulnoten, Erwartung, Kompetenz, Einstellung (Psy), Schulform, Längsschnittuntersuchung, Hessen, Bayern

This study expanded on research on temporal relations among motivation constructs as stated by expectancy-value theory, which has so far neglected the differentiation of value facets, the examination of long time spans with multiple measurement waves, and domain-specific patterns of findings. We examined the longitudinal relations among academic self-concept, intrinsic value, and attainment value in the three domains of math, German, and English across 5 annual measurement waves covering Grades 5 to 9 with German secondary school students (N = 2,116). The analyses based on cross-lagged panel models. In math and English, former academic self-concept was positively related to later intrinsic value and attainment value. In German, former intrinsic value and attainment value were positively related to later academic self-concept. The cross-lagged relations among value constructs varied according to the domain, hinting at the domain specificity of findings. The relations among academic self-concept, intrinsic value, and attainment value in the 3 domains did not change in size across students' secondary school years. In addition, the pattern of all relations remained stable when controlling for students' domain-specific achievement measured by school grades in the respective domains. (DIPF/Orig.)

Education and Human Development