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Avenarius, Hermann:

Teaching religion and about religion in elemetary and secondary public schools: The Case of Germany.

In: López-Muñiz, José L.M. et al.(eds): Religious Education in Public Schools: Study of Comparative Law Dordrecht : Springer (2006) , S. 143-153


Document type
Monographieauszug; Sammelwerk/Sonstiges

Primarbereich, Sekundarbereich, Schule, Religion, Religionsunterricht, Curriculum, Religionsfreiheit, Grundgesetz, Konflikt, Deutschland

This contribution deals with constitutional and other legal questions concerning the role of religion in elementary and secondary state schools. The author gives a short overview of the historic development so far and continues by discussing current legal problems in regard to religious instruction as part of the regular curriculum (with the right of parents and students to opt out). As far as the conveying of religious values in school and the expression of religious convictions by teachers and students are concerned the author outlines conflicting constitutional positions, in particular the principle of state's religious neutrality in school. He takes up furthermore new legal challenges by the growing presence of Muslim students in schools.

Educational Governance