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Döbert, Hans:


In: Hörner, Wolfgang et al. (Ed.): The education systems of Europe Dordrecht : Springer (2007) , S. 299-325


Document type
Monographieauszug; Sammelwerk/Sonstiges

Bildungswesen, Schulsystem, Geschichte, Bildungsreform, Innovation, Bildungsrecht, Föderalismus, Bundesländer, Sozioökonomische Lage, Lehrer, Sozialstatus, Schule, Familie, Organisation (Struktur), Steuerung, Bildungsfinanzierung, Öffentliche Schule, Privatschule, Schulaufsicht, Qualität, Förderung, Vorschulerziehung, Primarbereich, Sekundarbereich, Sekundarstufe I, Sekundarstufe II, Berufsbildendes Schulwesen, Sonderschule, Tertiärer Bereich, Hochschulbildung, Lehrerausbildung, Deutschland

This study of the education system of Germany is part of the handbook "The education systems of Europe" which presents an analytical description of the education systems of all European countries, following common guidelines. The study begins with the historical and socio-cultural background of the German educational system which is followed by the description of the organizational and administrative context of the current education system. The next step is the functioning of the current education system, beginning with a structural overview and followed by an analysis of the different levels of the education system, including, as a separate chapter, post- secondary and tertiary education. The country study ends with an analysis of current problems and discussions, and opens perspectives for further development. A diagram illustrating the structural scheme of the German educational system is part of this article. (DIPF/Orig./Kie.)

Educational Governance