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Schweizer, Karl; Goldhammer, Frank; Rauch, Wolfgang; Moosbrugger, Helfried:

On the validity of Raven's Matrices Test:
Does spatial ability contribute to performance?

In: Personality and Individual Differences, 43 (2007) , S. 1998-2010


Document type
Zeitschriftenaufsatz; Zeitschriftenaufsatz/referiert,statusäquivalent

Validität, Messung, Messverfahren, Kognitive Fähigkeit, Raumvorstellung, Vorstellung (Psychologie), Testkonstruktion, Testanwendung

The paper reports on an investigation of the convergent and discriminant validity of Raven's matrices in considering reasoning and spatial abilities. Raven's advanced progressive matrices (APM) and four scales representing reasoning, visualization, mental rotation and closure were applied to a sample of N = 280 university students. The data were investigated by means of structural equation modeling. The results demonstratedconvergent validity of APM with respect to reasoning. In contrast, in investigating discriminant validity substantial correlations of moderate size between APM and the scales representing spatial abilitieswere observed. However, the investigation of the structure of the prediction of APM revealed that the scales representing spatial abilities did not improve the prediction based on the reasoning scale alone at the latent level. Consequently, it is suggested that Raven's matrices show good convergent validity and slightly impaired discriminant validity. (DIPF/Author)

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