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Kopp, Botho von:

Schule und soziale Hierarchie in der tschechischen Gesellschaft zwischen Kontinuität und Revolution.

In: Bildung und Erziehung, 62 (2009) 3 , S. 311-330


Document type
Zeitschriftenaufsatz; Zeitschriftenaufsatz/nicht referiert (wissenschaftsorientiert)

Schule, Transformation (Soz), Bildungschance, Chancengleichheit, Soziale Herkunft, Gleichheit, Geschichte, Bildungsgeschichte, Bildungspolitik, Kommunismus, Kapitalismus, Gesellschaftssystem, Bildungssystem, Differenzierung, Bildungsstatistik, Zugang, Tschechische Republik

The issue of equity in society and education is definitely not a straight- lined one, but full of contradictions and complexity and its manifestations depend on tradition, politics, and social system context. Access to education mirrors by and large the stratification in the overall society. Modern Czech society was exposed to radical system changes. Communist policy of equity tended to end up in uniformity and leveling but also in distorted hierarchies. The neoliberal turn tends to push articulate differentiation and stratification. On the other hand are strong moments continuity of education philosophy and function to be found, and Czech society clings to a relatively high level of equity and disposes of established tracks how to reach it. The text supports its narrative by a multitude of quoted empirical data stressing the importance of their contextualization and their functional comparison and analysis of equivalency. (DIPF/Orig.)

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