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Martens, M. (Hrsg.); Hartmann, Ulrike (Hrsg.); Sauer, Michael (Hrsg.); Hasselhorn, Marcus (Hrsg.):

Interpersonal understanding in historical contexts.

Rotterdam : Sense Publishers (2009) , 160 S.


Document type
Monographie; Monographie/Herausgeber

Geschichtsunterricht, Schule, Schüler, Verstehen, Politische Bildung, Demokratische Erziehung, Schulprogramm, Erwachsener, Lernen, Interaktion, Ethik, Wissenstransfer, Methodik, Qualitative Forschung, Deutschland

Understanding students' historical understanding is a complex and challengingendeavour, for history teachers as well as for researchers from diverse fields. Sincehistorical situations contain interpersonal and social issues that happened in thepast, not only history educators are interested in how students understand them. Also, psychologists and educational scientists aim to gain knowledge how studentsdeal with interpersonal issues in the context of history. The present book shows inwhich way historical understanding can be viewed as interpersonal understandingand gives indications for the limitation of an interpersonal approach regarding historical situations. The different contributions of this volume give insight into aninterdisciplinary discussion about how the fields of social and historical thinking areinterrelated with respect to educational issues and challenges. This book confirmsthe impression of an increase in empirical work in the domain of history education. The authors present empirical approaches from the fields of history education, developmental psychology and educational science using different theoretical andmethodical means and thus contribute to a larger picture of what teaching andlearning history at school is about.(DIPF/Orig.)

Education and Human Development