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Holling, Heinz; Preckel, Franzis; Vock, Miriam; Roßbach, Hans-Günther; Baudson, Tanja Gabriele; Gronostaj, Anna; Kuger, Susanne; Schwenk, Christin:
Begabte Kinder finden und fördern
Berlin : Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (2015) , 114
Arens, A. Katrin; Watermann, Rainer:
How an early transition to high-ability secondary schools affects students' academic self-concept
In: Learning and Individual Differences, 37 (2015) , 64-71
Becker, Michael; Neumann, Marko; Tetzner, Julia; Knoppick, Henrike; Maaz, Kai; Baumert, Jürgen; Lehmann, Rainer:
Is early ability grouping good for high-achieving students' psychosocial development? Effects of the transition into academically selective schools
In: Journal of Educational Psychology, 106 (2014) 2 , 555-568

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