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Gogolin, Ingrid (Hrsg.); Hansen, Antje (Hrsg.); McMonagle, Sarah (Hrsg.); Rauch, Dominique (Hrsg.):
Handbuch Mehrsprachigkeit und Bildung
Wiesbaden : Springer VS (2020)
Brandt, Naemi D.; Becker, Michael; Tetzner, Julia; Brunner, Martin; Kuhl, Poldi; Maaz, Kai:
Personality across the lifespan
In: European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 36 (2020) 1 , 162-173
Schmiedek, Florian:
Development of cognition and intelligence
In: Specht, Jule (Hrsg.): Personality development across the lifespan London : Elsevier (2017) , 309-323
Morin, Alexandre J. S.; Arens, A. Katrin; Tran, Antoine; Caci, Hervé:
Exploring sources of construct-relevant multidimensionality in psychiatric measurement
In: International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, 25 (2016) 4 , 277-288
Kaspar, Roman; Oswald, Frank; Wahl, Hans-Werner; Voss, Elke; Wettstein, Markus:
Daily mood and out-of-home mobility in older adults
In: Journal of Applied Gerontology, 34 (2015) 1 , 26-47
Miche, Martina; Wahl, Hans-Werner; Diehl, Manfred; Oswald, Frank; Kaspar, Roman; Kolb, Maren:
Natural occurrence of subjective aging experiences in community dwelling older adults
In: Journals of Gerontology. Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 69 (2014) 2 , 174-187
Flekova, Lucie; Gurevych, Iryna:
Can we hide in the web? Large scale simultaneous age and gender author profiling in social media
In: Forner, Pamela; Navigli, Roberto; Tufis, Dan (Hrsg.): CLEF 2013 Labs and Workshops Padua : PROMISE (2013) , 1-11
Wolff, Julia K.; Schmiedek, Florian; Brose, Annette; Lindenberger, Ulman:
Physical and emotional well-being and the balance of needed and received emotional support
In: Social Science & Medicine, 91 (2013) , 67-75
Dorbath, Lara; Hasselhorn, Marcus; Titz, Cora:
Effects of education on executive functioning and its trainability
In: Educational Gerontology, 39 (2013) 5 , 314-325
Wahl, Hans-Werner; Wettstein, Markus; Shoval, Noam; Oswald, Frank; Kaspar, Roman; Issacson, Michal; Voss, Elke; Auslander, Gail; Heinik, Jeremia:
Interplay of cognitive and motivational resources for out-of-home behavior in a sample of cognitively heterogeneous older adults
In: Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 68 (2013) 5 , 691-702
Wolff, Julia K.; Brose, Annette; Lövdén, Martin; Tesch-Römer, Clemens; Lindenberger, Ulman; Schmiedek, Florian:
Health is health is health?
In: Psychology and Aging, 27 (2012) 4 , 881-891
Schmiedek, Florian; Lindenberger, Ulman:
Methodologische Grundlagen
In: Schneider, Wolfgang; Lindenberger, Ulman (Hrsg.): Entwicklungspsychologie Weinheim : BeltzPVU (2012) , 97-115
Dirk, Judith; Schmiedek, Florian:
Processing speed
In: Krauss Whitbourne, Susan; Sliwinski, Martin (Hrsg.): The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of adulthood and aging Hoboken : Wiley-Blackwell (2012) , 135-153
Dorbath, Lara; Hasselhorn, Marcus; Titz, Cora:
Aging and executive functioning
In: Frontiers in Psychology, 2 (2011) , 1-12
Kühn, Simone; Schmiedek, Florian; Schott, Björn; Ratcliff, Roger; Heinze, Hans-Jochen; Düzel, Emrah; Lindenberger, Ulman; Lövdén, Martin:
Brain areas consistently linked to individual differences in perceptual decision-making in younger as well as older adults before and after training
In: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23 (2011) 9 , 2147-2158
Titz, Cora:
Adult age differences in working memory: Two complex memory span experiments
In: Gariépy, Quentin; Ménard, Raphael (Hrsg.): Handbook of cognitive aging: Causes, processes and effects New York, N.Y. : Nova Science (2010) , 83-108
Brose, Annette; Schmiedek, Florian; Lövdén, Martin; Molenaar, Peter C.M.; Lindenberger, Ulman:
Adult age differences in co-variation of motivation and working memory performance
In: Research in Human Development, 7 (2010) 1 , 61-78
Goldhammer, Frank; Rauch, Wolfgang; Schweizer, Karl; Moosbrugger, Helfried:
Differential effects of intelligence, perceptual speed and age on growth in attentional speed and accuracy
In: Intelligence, 38 (2010) 1 , 83-92
Hirschmann, Doris:
Linkempfehlungen zum Thema "Im Alter längst nicht ausgedient".
In: Weiterbildung - Zeitschrift für Grundlagen, Praxis und Trends, 20 (2009) 3 , S. 44-45
Hager, Willi; Hasselhorn, Marcus:
Entwicklungspsychologische Versuchsplanung.
In: Hasselhorn, Marcus; Schneider, Wolfgang (Hrsg.): Handbuch der Entwicklungspsychologie Göttingen : Hogrefe (2007) , 615-624
Hasselhorn, Marcus; Schneider, Wolfgang:
In: Hasselhorn, Marcus;Schneider, Wolfgang (Hrsg.): Handbuch der Entwicklungspsychologie Göttingen : Hogrefe (2007) , 266-276
Hirschmann, Doris:
Ständige Rubrik "Online": Die Zukunft älterer Mitarbeiter.
In: Weiterbildung - Zeitschrift für Grundlagen, Praxis und Trends, 16 (2005) 3 , S. 43-45

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