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Thillmann, Katja; Bach, Anabell; Wurster, Sebastian; Thiel, Felicitas:
School-based staff development in two federal states in Germany
In: International Journal of Educational Management, 29 (2015) 6 , 714-734
Brauckmann, Stefan; Schwarz, Alexandra:
Autonomous leadership and a centralised school system
In: International Journal of Educational Management, 28 (2014) 7 , 823-841
Salzer, Simone; Streek, Ulrich; Jaeger, Ulrich; Masuhr, Oliver; Warwas, Jasmin; Leichsenring, Falk; Leibing, Eric:
Patterns of interpersonal problems in borderline personality disorder
In: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 201 (2013) 2 , 94-98
Koten, Jan Willem; Lonnemann, Jan; Willmes, Klaus; Knops, André:
Micro and macro pattern analyses of FMRI data support both early and late interaction of numerical and spatial information
In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 5 (2011) , 115
Woerner, Wolfgang; Nuanmanee, Supavadee; Becker, Andreas; Wongpiromsarn, Yongyud; Mongkol, Apichai:
Normative data and psychometric properties of the Thai version of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
In: Journal of Mental Health of Thailand, 19 (2011) 1 , 42-57
Salzer, Simone; Leibing, Eric; Jakobsen, Thorsten; Rudolf, Gerd; Brockmann, Josef; Eckert, Jochen; Huber, Dorothea; Klug, Günther; Henrich, Gerhard; Grande, Tilmann; Keller, Wolfram; Kreische, Reinhard; Biskup, Joachim; Staats, Hermann; Warwas, Jasmin; Leichsenring, Falk:
Patterns of interpersonal problems and their improvement in depressive and anxious patients treated with psychoanalytic therapy
In: Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 74 (2010) 4 , 283-300
Kemper, Thomas:
Staatsangehörigkeitsspezifische Zusammensetzung der Schülerschaft.
In: Schulverwaltung. Ausgabe Nordrhein-Westfalen, 20 (2009) 6 , S. 185-188

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