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Eichmann, Beate; Greiff, Samuel; Naumann, Johannes; Brandhuber, Liene; Goldhammer, Frank:
Exploring behavioural patterns during complex problemsolving
In: Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 36 (2020) 6 , 933-956
Eichmann, Beate; Goldhammer, Frank; Greiff, Samuel; Brandhuber, Liene; Naumann, Johannes:
Using process data to explain group differences in complex problem solving
In: Journal of Educational Psychology, 112 (2020) 8 , 1546-1562
Huth, Radoslaw:
Multivariate Verfahren
In: Horn, Klaus-Peter; Kemnitz, Heidemarie; Marotzki, Winfried; Sandfuchs, Uwe (Hrsg.): Klinkhardt Lexikon Erziehungswissenschaft Bad Heilbrunn : Klinkhardt (2012) , 417

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