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Bar-Kochva, Irit; Hasselhorn, Marcus:
The training of morphological decomposition in word processing and its effects on literacy skills
In: Frontiers in Psychology, (2017) , 8:1583
Khateb, Asaid (Hrsg.); Bar-Kochva, Irit (Hrsg.):
Reading fluency
Cham : Springer (2016)
Nevo, Einat; Bar-Kochva, Irit:
The relations between early working memory abilities and later developing reading skills
In: Mind, Brain and Education, 9 (2015) 3 , 154-163
Bar-Kochva, Irit; Amiel, Meirav:
The relations between reading and spelling
In: Annals of Dyslexia, 66 (2015) 2 , 219-234

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