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Brehmer, Yvonne; Nilsson, Jonna; Berggren, Rasmus; Schmiedek, Florian; Lövdén, Martin:
The importance of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex for associative memory in older adults
In: NeuroImage, 209 (2020) , 116475
Hartmann, Ulrike (Hrsg.); Hasselhorn, Marcus (Hrsg.); Gold, Andreas (Hrsg.):
Entwicklungsverläufe verstehen - Kinder mit Bildungsrisiken wirksam fördern
Stuttgart : Kohlhammer (2017) , 513
Fiebach, Christian J.; Gagl, Benjamin; Linkersdörfer, Janosch:
Neurobiologische Risiken
In: Hartmann, Ulrike; Hasselhorn, Marcus; Gold, Andreas (Hrsg.): Entwicklungsverläufe verstehen - Kinder mit Bildungsrisiken wirksam fördern Stuttgart : Kohlhammer (2017) , 80-96
Büttner, Gerhard; Brandenburg, Janin; Fischbach, Anne; Klesczewski, Julia; Poloczek, Sebastian; Hasselhorn, Marcus:
In: Hartmann, Ulrike; Hasselhorn, Marcus;Gold, Andreas (Hrsg.): Entwicklungsverläufe verstehen - Kinder mit Bildungsrisiken wirksam fördern Stuttgart : Kohlhammer (2017) , 141-157
Grandy, Thomas H.; Garrett, Douglas D.; Schmiedek, Florian; Werkle-Bergner, Markus:
On the estimation of brain signal entropy from sparse neuroimaging data
In: Scientific Reports, 6 (2016) 23073
Linkersdörfer, Janosch; Jurcoane, Alina; Lindberg, Sven; Kaiser, Jochen; Hasselhorn, Marcus; Fiebach, Christian J.; Lonnemann, Jan:
The association between gray matter volume and reading proficiency
In: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 27 (2015) 2 , 308-318
Werkle-Bergner, Markus; Grandy, Thomas H.; Chicherio, Christian; Schmiedek, Florian; Lövdén, Martin; Lindenberger, Ulman:
Coordinated within-trial dynamics of low-frequency neural rhythms controls evidence accumulation
In: Journal of Neuroscience, 34 (2014) 25 , 8519-8528
Grandy, Thomas H.; Werkle-Bergner, Markus; Chicherio, Christian; Lövdén, Martin; Schmiedek, Florian; Lindenberger, Ulman:
Individual alpha peak frequency is related to latent factors of general cognitive abilities
In: NeuroImage, 79 (2013) , 10-18
Kühn, Simone; Schmiedek, Florian; Brose, Annette; Schott, Björn H.; Lindenberger, Ulman; Lövden, Martin:
The neural representation of intrusive thoughts
In: Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 8 (2013) 6 , 688-693
Korinth, Sebastian; Sommer, Werner; Breznitz, Zvia:
Neuronal response specificity as a marker of reading proficiency
In: NeuroReport, 24 (2013) 2 , 96-100
Lövdén, Martin; Schmiedek, Florian; Kennedy, Kristen M.; Rodrigue, Karen M.; Lindenberger, Ulman; Raz, Naftali:
Does variability in cognitive performance correlate with frontal brain volume?
In: NeuroImage, 22 (2013) 64 , 209-215
Linkersdörfer, Janosch; Lonnemann, Jan; Lindberg, Sven; Hasselhorn, Marcus; Fiebach, Christian J.:
Grey matter alterations co-localize with functional abnormalities in developmental dyslexia
In: PLoSOne, 7 (2012) 8 , e43122
Koten, Jan Willem; Lonnemann, Jan; Willmes, Klaus; Knops, André:
Micro and macro pattern analyses of FMRI data support both early and late interaction of numerical and spatial information
In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 5 (2011) , 115
Lövdén, Martin; Bodammer, Nils Christian; Kühn, Simone; Kaufmann, Jörn; Schütze, Hartmut; Tempelmann, Claus; Heinze, Hans-Jochen; Düzel, Emrah; Schmiedek, Florian; Lindenberger, Ulman:
Experience-dependent plasticity of white-matter microstructure extends into old age
In: Neuropsychologia, 48 (2010) 13 , 3878-3883
Behrendt, Jörg; Gibbons, Henning; Schrobsdorff, Hecke; Ihrke, Matthias; Herrmann, J. Michael; Hasselhorn, Marcus:
Event-related brain potential correlates of identity negative priming from overlapping pictures
In: Psychophysiology, 47 (2010) 5 , 921-930
Lövdén, Martin; Lindenberger, Ulman; Bäckmann, Lars; Schäfer, Sabine; Schmiedek, Florian:
A theoretical framework for the study of adult cognitive plasticity
In: Psychological Bulletin, 136 (2010) 4 , 659-676
Plath, Ingrid:
Blakemore, Sarah-Jayne; Frith, Uta: The Learning Brain - Lessons for Education.
In: Report Psychologie, 31 (2006) 1 , S. 17

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