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Jornitz, Sieglinde; Leser, Christoph:
Mit Antolin punkten oder: Wie sich mit dem Leseförderprogramm der Bock zum Gärtner macht
In: Pädagogische Korrespondenz, (2018) 57 , 55-73
Hahnel, Carolin; Goldhammer, Frank; Kröhne, Ulf; Naumann, Johannes:
The role of reading skills in the evaluation of online information gathered from search engine environments
In: Computers in Human Behavior, 78 (2018) , 223-234
Hahnel, Carolin; Goldhammer, Frank; Kröhne, Ulf; Naumann, Johannes:
Reading digital text involves working memory updating based on task characteristics and reader behavior
In: Learning and Individual Differences, 59 (2017) , 149-157
Naumann, Johannes; Goldhammer, Frank:
Time-on-task effects in digital reading are non-linear and moderated by persons' skills and tasks' demands
In: Learning and Individual Differences, 53 (2017) , 1-16
Remus, Steffen; Biemann, Chris:
Domain-specific corpus expansion with focused webcrawling
In: European Language Resources Association (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2016) Portoroz : European Language Resources Association (2016) , 3607-3611
Hahnel, Carolin; Goldhammer, Frank; Naumann, Johannes; Kröhne, Ulf:
Effects of linear reading, basic computer skills, evaluating online information, and navigation on reading digital text
In: Computers in Human Behavior, 55 (2016) A , 486-500
Naumann, Johannes:
A model of online reading engagement
In: Computers in Human Behavior, 53 (2015) , 263-277
Naumann, Johannes:
Log file analysis in hypertext research:
In: Cañas, J.J. (Ed.): Workshop on Cognition and the Web: Information Processing, Comprehension and Learning Granada : Univ. of Granada (2008) , S. 53-57
Naumann, Johannes; Richter, Tobias; Christmann, Ursula; Groeben, Norbert:
Working memory capacity and reading skill moderate the effectiveness of strategy training in learning from hypertext.
In: Learning and Individual Differences, 18 (2008) 2 , S. 197-213
Naumann, Johannes; Richter, Tobias; Flender, Jürgen; Christmann, Ursula; Groeben, Norbert:
Signaling in expository hypertext compensates for deficits in reading skill.
In: Journal of Educational Psychology, 99 (2007) 4 , S. 791-807
Rittberger, Marc:
[Rezension] Gisbert Dittrich/Norbert Fuhr/Klaus Tochtermann (Hg.): Hypertext, informations retrieval, multimedia '97. Theorien, Modelle und Implementierungen integrierter elektronischer Informationssysteme. Proceedings HIM'97. Reihe Schriften zur Informationswissenschaft; 30. Konstanz: Univ.-Verl., 1997.
In: Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie Paderborn : Mentis-Verl. (2001) , S. 164-167
Kuhlen, Rainer; Rittberger, Marc; Bekavac, Bernhard:
Complex operations in a distributed, network-like information space.
In: Proceedings of the SIGIR'96 Workshop on Networked Information Retrieval [Karlsruhe] : (1996) , 6 S.

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