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He, Jia; Barrera-Pedemonte, Fabian; Buchholz, Janine:
Cross-cultural comparability of noncognitive constructs in TIMSS and PISA
In: Assessment in Education, 26 (2019) 4 , 369-385
Hartmann, Ulrike; Decristan, Jasmin:
Brokering activities and learning mechanisms at the boundary of educational research and school practice
In: Teaching and Teacher Education, 74 (2018) , 114-124
Tillack, Carina (Hrsg.); Fetzer, Janina (Hrsg.); Fischer, Natalie (Hrsg.):
Beziehungen in Schule und Unterricht. Teil 2
Immenhausen : Prolog (2014) , 272

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