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Heck, Tamara; Kullmann, Sylvia; Hiebl, Johannes; Schröder, Nadine; Otto, Daniel; Sander, Pia:
Designing open informational ecosystems on the concept of open educational resources
In: Open Education Studies, 2 (2020) 1 , 252-264
Scharf, Jan; Hadjar, Andreas; Grecu, Alyssa:
Applying social production function theory to benefits of schooling
In: British Journal of Sociology of Education, 40 (2019) 7 , 847-867
Jornitz, Sieglinde:
Der Trainingsraum: Unterrichtsstörung als Bumerang.
In: Pädagogische Korrespondenz, (2005) 33 , S. 98-117

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