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Petersen, Juliana J.; Paulitsch, Michael A.; Hartig, Johannes; Mergenthal, Karola; Gerlach, Ferdinand M.; Gensichen, Jochen:
Factor structure and measurement invariance of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 for female and male primary care patients with major depression in Germany
In: Journal of Affective Disorders, 170 (2014) , 138-142
Sasse, Nadine; Gibbons, Henning; Wilson, Lindsay; Martinez-Olivera, Ramon; Schmidt, Holger; Hasselhorn, Marcus; Steinbüchel, Nicole von; Wild, Klaus von:
Self-awareness and health-related quality of life after traumatic brain injury
In: Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 28 (2013) 6 , 464-472
Abberger, Birgit; Haschke, Anne; Wirtz, Markus; Kroehne, Ulf; Bengel, Juergen; Baumeister, Harald:
Development and evaluation of a computer adaptive test to assess anxiety in cardiovascular rehabilitation patients
In: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 94 (2013) 12 , 2433-2439
Muth, Christiane; Beyer, Martin; Fortin, Martin; Rochon, Justine; Oswald, Frank; Valderas, Jose M.; Harder, sebastian; Glynn, Liam G.; Perera, Rafael; Freitag, Michael; Kaspar, Roman; Gensichen, Jochen; Van den Akker, Marjan:
Multimorbidity's research challenges and priorities from a clinical perspective
In: European Journal of General Practice, (2013)
Eckensberger, Lutz H.:
Culture inclusive action theory
In: Valsiner, Jaan (Hrsg.): Oxford handbook of culture and psychology Oxford : Oxford Univ. Pr. (2012) , 357-402
Frey, Christian; Zwingmann, Christian; Böcker, Maren; Forkmann, Thomas; Kröhne, Ulf; Müller, Evelyn; Wirtz, Markus:
Adaptives Testen in der Rehabilitation - ein Weg zur ökonomischen Erhebung von Patientenmerkmalen
In: Rehabilitation, 50 (2011) 3 , 195-203

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