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Hahnel, Carolin; Mahlow, Nina; Schoor, Cornelia; Cerdán, Raquel:
Promoting reading goals and strategy knowledge to improve university students' comprehension of multiple documents
Berlin : Humboldt University; Johannes Gutenberg University (2019) , 10-12
Becker, Michael; McElvany, Nele:
The interplay of gender and social background
In: British Journal of Educational Psychology, 88 (2018) 4 , 529-549
Hahnel, Carolin; Goldhammer, Frank; Kröhne, Ulf; Naumann, Johannes:
The role of reading skills in the evaluation of online information gathered from search engine environments
In: Computers in Human Behavior, 78 (2018) , 223-234
Hahnel, Carolin; Goldhammer, Frank; Kröhne, Ulf; Naumann, Johannes:
Reading digital text involves working memory updating based on task characteristics and reader behavior
In: Learning and Individual Differences, 59 (2017) , 149-157
Hahnel, Carolin; Goldhammer, Frank; Naumann, Johannes; Kröhne, Ulf:
Effects of linear reading, basic computer skills, evaluating online information, and navigation on reading digital text
In: Computers in Human Behavior, 55 (2016) A , 486-500
Naumann, Johannes:
A model of online reading engagement
In: Computers in Human Behavior, 53 (2015) , 263-277
Hertel, Silke; Hochweber, Jan; Mildner, Dorothea; Steinert, Brigitte; Jude, Nina:
PISA 2009 Skalenhandbuch
Münster : Waxmann (2014) , 346
Artelt, Cordula; Naumann, Johannes; Schneider, Wolfgang:
Lesemotivation und Lernstrategien
In: Klieme, Eckhard; Artelt, Cordula; Hartig, Johannes; Jude, Nina; Köller, Olaf; Prenzel, Manfred; Schneider, Wolfgang; Stanat, Petra (Hrsg.): PISA 2009 Münster : Waxmann (2010) , 73-112

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