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Dhruva, Neil; Ferschke, Oliver; Gurevych, Iryna:
Solving open-domain multiple choice questions with textual entailment and text similarity measures
In: Cappellato, Linda;Ferro, Nicola;Halvey, Martin;Kraaij, Wessel (Hrsg.): CLEF2014 Working Notes Sheffield, UK : Springer Verlag (2014) , 1375-1385
Goldhammer, Frank; Kröhne, Ulf; Keßel, Yvonne; Senkbeil, Martin; Ihme, Jan Marten:
Diagnostik von ICT-Literacy
In: Diagnostica, 60 (2014) 1 , 10-21
Rauch, Dominique; Hartig, Johannes:
Multiple-choice versus open-ended response formats of reading test items: A two-dimensional IRT analysis
In: Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 52 (2010) 4 , 354-379

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