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EbnerPriemer, Ulrich W.; Mühlbauer, Esther; Neubauer, Andreas B.; Hill, Holger; Beier, Fabrice; Santangelo, Philip S.; Ritter, Philipp; Kleindienst, Nikolaus; Bauer, Michael; Schmiedek, Florian; Severus, Emanuel:
Digital phenotyping: Towards replicable findings with comprehensive assessments and integrative models in bipolar disorders
In: International Journal of Bipolar Disorders, 8 (2020) , 35
Visser, Linda; Kalmar, Julia; Linkersdörfer, Janosch; Görgen, Ruth; Rothe, Josefine; Hasselhorn, Marcus; Schulte-Körne, Gerd:
Comorbidities between specific learning disorders and psychopathology in elementary school children in Germany
In: Frontiers in Psychiatry, (2020) , 11:292
Woerner, Wolfgang; Nuanmanee, Supavadee; Becker, Andreas; Wongpiromsarn, Yongyud; Mongkol, Apichai:
Normative data and psychometric properties of the Thai version of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
In: Journal of Mental Health of Thailand, 19 (2011) 1 , 42-57
Wiegmann, Ulrich:
Kerz-Rühling, Ingrid; Plänkers, Tomas (Hrsg.): Sozialistische Diktatur und psychische Folgen. Psycho-analytisch-psychologische Untersuchungen in Ostdeutschland und Tschechien. Tübingen: edition diskord 2000, 218 S. (Psychoanalytische Beiträge aus dem Sigmund- Freud-Institut, Bd. 4)

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