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Hartig, Johannes; Köhler, Carmen; Naumann, Alexander:
Using a multilevel random item Rasch model to examine item difficulty variance between random groups
In: Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 62 (2020) 1 , 11-27
Naumann, Alexander; Kuger, Susanne; Köhler, Carmen; Hochweber, Jan:
Conceptual and methodological challenges in detecting the effectiveness of learning and teaching
In: Zeitschrift für Pädagogik. Beiheft, 66 (2020) , 179-196
Naumann, Alexander; Musow, Stephanie; Katstaller, Michaela:
Instructional sensitivity as a prerequisite for determining the effectiveness of interventions in educational research
In: Astleitner, Hermann (Hrsg.): Intervention research in educational practice Münster : Waxmann (2020) , 149-170
Köhler, Carmen; Kuger, Susanne; Naumann, Alexander; Hartig, Johannes:
Multilevel models for evaluating the effectiveness of teaching
In: Zeitschrift für Pädagogik. Beiheft, 66 (2020) , 197-209
Musow, Stephanie; Hochweber, Jan; Hartig, Johannes; Naumann, Alexander:
InSe Mathetest Unterrichtsqualität Messzeitpunkt 3
Lausanne : FORSbase In: FORSbase, INSE (2019)
Naumann, Alexander; Rieser, Svenja; Musow, Stephanie; Hochweber, Jan; Hartig, Johannes:
Sensitivity of test items to teaching quality
In: Learning and Instruction, 60 (2019) , 41-53
Naumann, Alexander; Musow, Stephanie; Aichele, Christine; Hochweber, Jan; Hartig, Johannes:
Instruktionssensitivität von Tests und Items
In: Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft, 22 (2019) 1 , 181-202
Naumann, Alexander; Hartig, Johannes; Hochweber, Jan:
Absolute and relative measures of instructional sensitivity
In: Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 42 (2017) 6 , 678-705
Rieser, Svenja; Naumann, Alexander; Decristan, Jasmin; Fauth, Benjamin; Klieme, Eckhard; Büttner, Gerhard:
The connection between teaching and learning
In: British Journal of Educational Psychology, 86 (2016) 4 , 526-545
Naumann, Alexander; Hochweber, Jan; Klieme, Eckhard:
A psychometric framework for the evaluation of instructional sensitivity
In: Educational Assessment, 21 (2016) 2 , 89-101
Decristan, Jasmin; Hondrich, Anna Lena; Büttner, Gerhard; Hertel, Silke; Klieme, Eckhard; Kunter, Mareike; Lühken, Arnim; Adl-Amini, Katja; Djakovic, Sanna-Kristina; Mannel, Susanne; Naumann, Alexander; Hardy, Ilonca:
Impact of additional guidance in science education on primary students' conceptual understanding
In: Journal of Educational Research, 108 (2015) 5 , 358-370
Naumann, Alexander; Hochweber, Jan; Hartig, Johannes:
Modeling instructional sensitivity using a longitudinal multilevel differential item functioning approach
In: Journal of Educational Measurement, 51 (2014) 4 , 381-399
Decristan, Jasmin; Naumann, Alexander; Fauth, Benjamin; Rieser, Svenja; Büttner, Gerhard; Klieme, Eckhard:
Heterogenität in Schülerleistungen in der Grundschule
In: Zeitschrift für Entwicklungspsychologie und Pädagogische Psychologie, 46 (2014) 4 , 181-190

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