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Research Data

Research data provide the basis for scientific knowledge in empirical educational research. Regardless of the original purpose of their collection, the data can often provide the basis for further research. Within the “Alliance for Research Education Data“ (Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung) and its Research Data Centre Education (FDZ Bildung), DIPF secures scientific data, prepares them for the purpose of re-use and offers educational researchers a reliable repository for the data they assess. At the same time, DIPF does not only participate in the provision of data, but also in the assessment of research data, for instance in the context of large scale assessments such as NEPS, PISA or PIAAC.

Data Provision

Together with GESIS (Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences) and the Institute for Quality in Education (IQB), DIPF operates the Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung (Alliance for Research Data in Education). Accordingly, research data generated in the BMBF Framework Programme for Empirical Educational Research are secured and, if possible, held available for further usage. A technological, organisational and legal infrastructure is being set up, to

  • secure research data in a protected environment,
  • offer research data and research instruments  in compliance with the law,
  • inform about the state of studies and data at a central location, and
  • qualify and train users on data management concerns.

The Research Data Centre Education (Forschungsdatenzentrum Bildung, FDZ Bildung) at DIPF is a central address for qualitative empirical educational research where audiovisual research data (AV data) are archived and made accessible. The Database for School Quality (Datenbank zur Qualität von Schule, DAQS) is part of the FDZ Bildung and holds assessment instruments from quantitative research (questionnaires, scales and tests). A central repository provides for re-usage of relevant datasets and instruments, in compliance with data protection and other legal norms. Moreover, contextual information is offered on the respective studies and relevant publications. The focus of the FDZ Bildung currently lies on instruments and datasets from research on school and instructional quality. It offers more than 1,000 video and audio data as well as approximately 4,000 scales in full text format, and 40 original questionnaires.

Data Assessment

DIPF participates in several panel studies and large scale social scientific assessments, e. g.


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