Research Infrastructure

DIPF offers a comprehensive research infrastructure for educational research. Different laboratories allow for the empirical analysis of developmental pathways whilst technology based testing instruments are refined and virtual research environments developed.

Software for Computer Based Assessment

The tools developed by the Centre for Technology Based Assessment (TBA Centre) enable scientists and assessment practitioners to independently prepare, execute and analyse innovative assessments. Accordingly, the TBA Centre provides integrated delivery solutions of assessment tools that cover implementation and adaption of items as well as test delivery. Therefore, the TBA team takes part in (further) developing proved as well as promising software packages.

Semantic CorA

"Semantic Collaborative Corpora Analysis for Humanities and Social Sciences” is a virtual research environment (VREE) – i. e. a collaborative and semantic Web 2.0 tool from the area of eHumanities. It was developed, by way of example, for research in the history of education and can be adapted for the future use by other disciplines.

Laboratories at the IDeA Center

IDeA focuses on empirical studies of children at infancy, pre-school, and primary school age. Members of the center contribute their expertise from the fields of psychology, educational science, psycholinguistics, neuroscience, diverse subject didactics, sociology, and psychoanalysis. Different laboratories support the research at IDeA.