Software for Computer Based Assessment

The tools developed by the Centre for Technology Based Assessment (TBA Centre) enable scientists and assessment practitioners to independently prepare, execute and analyse innovative assessments. Accordingly, the TBA Centre provides integrated delivery solutions of assessment tools that cover implementation and adaption of items as well as test delivery. Therefore, the TBA team takes part in (further) developing proved as well as promising software packages.

CBA Execution Environment

The CBA Execution Environment (CBA EE) is an administration and execution platform for items (browser-based components) that have been created with the CBA ItemBuilder. It can be implemented in diverse environments, e.g. online and offline settings running with Windows or Linux operating systems. It is possible to compile tests and configure the presentation of assessments (e.g. layout).

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CBA ItemBuilder

The CBA ItemBuilder is an authoring tool to create computerised tasks (so-called ‘items’). The graphical user interface enables users without programming experience or knowledge of specific description languages like QTI to develop dynamic and interactive tasks in a short amount of time. Therefore, the CBA ItemBuilder is an essential tool to create instruments for computer based assessment, for example, testing in schools, online tests or integrated competence assessment in CAPI tests.

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MATE: Multidimensional Adaptive Testing Environment

The scientific software tool MATE supports the work flow of multidimensional adaptive testing to stimulate and simplify development, application and use of computer based adaptives tests.

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TAO: Computer Based Testing

The open source software platform TAO consists of different modules to support development, regulation and deployment of computer based tests. The platform is expandable and open to be able to react to future developments and demands in the assessment field. 

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TBA Tools

The execution environment TBA Tools consists of JavaScript classes for the integration of browser-based components in technology based assessments. Items for computer based tests and surveys can be developed with different authoring tools and editors (for example the CBA ItemBuilder) and technologies. For the use in actual assessments these elements have to be integrated. A simple, technology independent administration of browser based items and an integrated test execution for online or offline assessments can be achieved with the help of TBA-Tools.

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