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The basis for empirical educational research as well as educational monitoring is the continuous and reliable gathering of data. DIPF employs and develops both traditional and technology based assessment instruments.

The reliable and valid assessment of competencies, academic achievement and attitudes is highly relevant. Assessments are not only fundamental to empirical studies. They can also be used for educational monitoring, evaluations at school and in the classroom as well as on an individual level. DIPF therefore aims to continue its established line of work in the field of pedagogical-psychological assessment, and develop innovative tests and questionnaires. The interdepartmental and interdisciplinary Centre for Technology Based Assessment (TBA) will continue to support educational researchers in developing and implementing technical solutions in the field. So far, work has mainly focused on the assessment of learning outcomes (TBA of learning). The Centre will now add assessments of learning processes to its profile (TBA for learning). Psychometrical and computer scientific innovations are thus required, for example to enable modelling of processing data (e. g. time spent on task), automatic assessment of paths taken to solve a problem and deduction of differentiated feedback information, and adapt digital learning and test environments accordingly. Regarding application and transfer, DIPF intends to utilise new technical developments, e. g. conducting online assessments in daily life scenarios. DIPF also intends to further develop traditional assessment procedures, e. g. questionnaires assessing learning conditions.

last modified Apr 11, 2017